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Instructions and tips for creating a new template

Templates are handy when you need individual products or entire projects frequently. Use our flexible templates to calculate the current price in just a few seconds without going through the configuration process again. Find out how you can create and modify these templates in our guide.

Saving products as a template

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Templates are extremely useful, particularly for complex products that need to meet special technology requirements. Without a template, you would need to configure the products in the product configurator every time.

Once you have created your templates, you can inquire about projects or products quickly, edit them or initiate an order directly. Use the templates to calculate your individual price in a matter of seconds and instantly request the corresponding quotation with your next click. If something about the products changes, you can modify the templates at any time. The only requirement for benefiting from the full range of Online Support functions is that you register as a user.

Key points


  • Fast, customer-specific prices and inquiries

    for recurring transactions
  • Previous transactions can be accessed

    for further modification

Instructions for creating a template

To save projects and products that have been configured or inquired about as a template, log into Online Support. Configure your products and add them to your shopping cart. As a registered user, you can permanently save all items in your shopping cart at the click of a mouse using the command "Save template", and thus retrieve them at any time. To do so, enter a template name and select the template type – you can choose between a company-wide template and a personal template.

Step by step: Create template

1. Log in

2. Fill shopping cart

3. Name template and select template type

4. Save template

Instructions for selecting and editing a template

You can select, edit or delete templates you have created at any time. To do this, log into Online Support and select the "Templates" function under "Transaction overview" in "Inquiries & Orders". Your created templates will be displayed for selection or editing, based on your search criteria – multiple selections are also possible. Select the required template. You will immediately see all the associated products and available services.

To inquire about the products again, add the items directly to the shopping cart by selecting "Inquire/order". You will receive your individual price within seconds. In just one more step, you can request the corresponding quotation.

You can make changes to the template by selecting the function "Edit template".

By clicking on the drop-down button, you can receive detailed information about the template, such as the reference number, material number, project reference, order reference and your customer/application data.

Step by step: Select/edit template

1. Log in

2. Select transaction overview

3. Enter search criteria

4. Select templates

5a. Inquire about a product again

5b. Edit template

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