The 8 most common errors in drive technology

In waste water technology, even a single mistake can cause major problems

If you want to avoid defective drives disabling your waste water technology, you should be aware of the 8 most common errors in drive technology. We keep you on the right track and bring the true facts to light. Important information on the storage of replacement drives and spare parts as well as predictive maintenance.

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We correct 8 common errors in drive technology

It is certainly true that without drive technology, waste water technology would come to a halt and the legally required transformation into clean water could not take place. The damage to our environment would be unthinkable. After all, you cannot simply turn off the waste water.

What keeps your gearmotors and frequency inverters functioning reliably? Is it better to repair devices yourself or leave the repair to the manufacturer's service department? What represents real added benefit and what does not? With such an important issue, we want to correct the most common errors.

Have you ever heard that good lubricants and high-quality seals make your pumps and drives maintenance-free? The service life can be significantly extended as a result. However, you should always comply with your maintenance schedules. Did you know that the condition of your transmission fluid can be a very important indicator of the condition of your gearmotor? We have some interesting facts for you.

Do you always have replacement drives and spare parts in stock? We will tell you why this is not necessary and how you can reduce your own stock to a minimum.

Another common mistake: The service department only helps if something is broken. We will also give you tips on how to increase your plant availability through forward planning.

We also comment on statements such as "I can only have drives repaired by the respective manufacturer" or "Frequency-controlled drive technology is overrated."

Do you really want to know more about the 8 common errors in drive technology? Then download our free-of-charge "8 most common errors" PDF now   (PDF, 80 KB) (only available in German).

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