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Extended Warranty


Extend the product warranty on select gears and gearmotors. With our optional* protection package with premium components for the motor and gear unit, you can extend the statutory warranty by an additional 12 months.

Top drive + PREMIUM protection = extended warranty

In Germany and the majority of EU countries, the statutory warranty period for the purchase of new equipment is 2 years. In other countries, different periods are provided for by law.Warranty means that the seller guarantees that the sold item is free of material defects and defects of title. This is your right when purchasing our gears and gearmotors. Our standard - we offer you longer protection for your drive.

With our PREMIUM protection package, you can extend the statutory warranty for select gears and gearmotors by an additional 12 months. Extended warranty with which you enjoy longer protection. Your right and our standard for long-term use of our drives and for a trusting and long-term cooperation.

More information here   (PDF, 123 KB) .