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Passion for service


Safe and uninterrupted operation of the lifts is of central importance for a ski region. If the failure of a ski lift is threatened by a technical defect, rapid action must be taken. This calls for the know-how and rapid deployment of the service crew of Alfred Imhof AG.

Unusual running noises at the "Greppon Blanc 1" ski lift

The call reached Alfred Imhof AG on 4 March 2019 at 17.59 hrs. The responsible persons of Nendaz-Veysonnaz Remontées mécaniques SA (NVRM) noticed unusual running noises at the ski lift "Greppon Blanc 1" as well as an increased temperature at the gearbox and informed the company Baco AG from Steffisburg, which is responsible for the service of the ski lifts. Since they did not want to risk the safety of the skiers or a prolonged interruption of operations, Alfred Im-hof AG was asked for a quick analysis and diagnosis.

The next morning, specialists from Alfred Imhof AG met for a meeting. It quickly became clear that a vibration measurement, an oil analysis, a thermography and an endoscopy were necessary on site in order to make a meaningful diagnosis. In the next step, Alfred Imhof AG prepared an offer for the on-site investigations.

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