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Clean and free from corrosion


We have a new surface protection for drives destined for critical areas in the food and beverage industry. This is offered as an optional XCO drive package.

Corrosion-resistant drive package for the food industry

The new surface protection for gearmotors is offered in the XCO drive package and includes an innovative tin-nickel surface protection for the gear unit and the DAS.. series Aseptic motor. The output shaft, screw connections and screw plugs are stainless steel, as are the breather valve, the pressure compensation membrane at the terminal box and the nameplate.

The selected materials provide an extremely high level of corrosion protection in aggressive production environments. The XCO surface protection is resistant to both acid and alkali cleaning and disinfection agents, and this has been demonstrated in numerous test applications. Thanks to the extremely hard and resistant surface, there is no danger of the coating chipping or splintering. The XCO surface protection is certified food-safe to 1935/2004/EC and can also come into direct contact with food, although the drives are generally used in the splash zone.

The XCO drive package for the aseptic gearmotors represents a wide-ranging alternative to conventional stainless steel drives. Typical applications for the XCO drive package include critical areas in the food and beverage industry with high hygiene requirements. The new surface protection is particularly suited for drives on machinery and conveyor belts in open production sectors, but also for aggressive and corrosive environments in other industries.