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Both in manufacturing processes and production plants of many industries as well as in the logistics area, gearmotors from SEW‑EURODRIVE's standard portfolio have become indispensable. They impress with their robustness and reliability in every application scenario. We offer 5 basic designs which are available in many sizes and can be combined with our asynchronous AC motors. Depending on the level of gear unit graduation, they can achieve torques of up to 50 000 Nm.

Parallel-shaft gear units
  • R..DR.. helical gearmotors are parallel-shaft gear units. They are particularly well-suited for conveying medium-weight loads and work reliably even in long term operation under harsh conditions. The single-stage design offers torques of 69 to 830 Nm. The multi-stage design covers 50 to 18 000 Nm.
  • F..DR.. parallel-shaft gearmotors are also parallel-shaft gear units. Input shaft and output shaft are arranged one below the other. This makes these gearmotors especially slender and offers ideal conditions for space-saving installation. Just as the helical gearmotors, they are ideally suited for conveying medium-weight loads in long term operation under harsh conditions. With a power rating of up to 200 kW, our parallel-shaft gearmotors F..DR.. cover a large torque range between 130 and 18 000 Nm.
Right-angle gear units
  • K..DR.. helical-bevel gearmotors are part of the right-angle gear units. Due to the bevel gearing and the right-angled power flow, they allow for torques up to 50 000 Nm especially in the three-stage K..37 to K..187 series. They are ideally suited for moving heavy loads with long switch-on times.

    With its hypoid gearing – a modification of the bevel gearing, the two-stage helical-bevel gearmotor series K..19 to K..49 is the energy-efficient counterpart for the lower torque range up to 500 Nm. The task of motors of this series is to move light loads with long switch-on times.
  • S..DR.. helical-worm gearmotors are also part of the right-angle gear units and are required when affordable solutions for applications, light loads and short switch-on times are involved. Depending on the gear unit size, the helical-worm gearmotors achieve maximum torques of up to 4000 Nm.
  • W..DR.. SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors benefit from particularly wear-free gear components. The SPIROPLAN® gearing is an SEW-EURODRIVE in-house development and provides for a low-vibration drive. Thanks to small gear ratios, this gearmotor type moves small loads with large motor power and high velocity. Due to the aluminum housing, the SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors are also low in weight.