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Your benefits

Flexible system planning
A decentralized installation topology enables simple planning and flexible expansion of your system.

Rapid system availability
thanks to comprehensive pluggability of the field distributors. This enables quick installation and a simple design for servicing.

Huge cost savings
digital I/Os and integrated maintenance switches reduce the need for external switching elements and decentralized I/O controller nodes

Installing the field distributor close to the motor facilitates decentralized installation

Should you install the decentralized drive electronics directly on the motor or separately in the field? Your application decides. Our Z.3 to Z.9 field distributors offer a modular platform that individually and optimally meets your requirements. You can realize requirements such as pluggable motor connections, integrated maintenance switches and varied fieldbus connections using different interlinked module terminal boxes.

Thanks to the modular design of the field distributor, you can quickly and individually mount fieldbus interfaces and the selected MOVIMOT® power section. This does not just enable a standardized installation topology with flexible conditions, but also makes replacement simple during servicing.

Extensive, modular plants can be easily created with an integrated T distributor for energy and communication. MOVIMOT® power sections are optionally mounted on the field distributor, and varied fieldbus interfaces flexibly support use with a number of commercially available controllers.

Integrated M12 connectors enable simple connection of the decentralized sensors and actuators (MOVISWITCH® for example) to the higher-level controller. Standardized software applications do away with time-intensive functions. The PLC workload is reduced and reproducible behavior of time-critical functions (such as positioning operations with our EI7C incremental encoder) is ensured. Simple programming via IPOS also enables implementation of individual software functions.

Integrated diagnostics LEDs enable you to determine the module status without the need for software tools. Complete pluggability makes module replacement quick and easy during servicing. This results in shorter downtimes.

  • Depending on the module design, 4 to 6 I/Os per module can be plugged or clamped on M12 plug connectors
  • Versatile hybrid cable for simple component installation
  • Freely programmable via IPOS
  • Simple positioning on EI7C incremental encoder
  • IP65 housing (optionally IP66)
  • Optional:
    • Stainless steel fittings
    • Pressure compensation fitting
    • M12 metal plug for fieldbus modules with M12 plug connectors
    • Temperature range: -25 °C to +60 °C
    • Optional load disconnector and power protection

Our field distributors are available in different versions. Combine them with MOVIMOT® drives in a power range of 0.37 kW to 4 kW or with MOVISWITCH® drives in a power range of 0.37 kW to 3 kW.

Field distributorFeatures
  • Communication interface with I/Os (I/Os can only be connected using M12 connectors!)
  • Common wiring space for bus and power terminals
  • Pluggable motor connection
  • Communication interface with I/Os
  • Common wiring space for bus and power terminals
  • Pluggable motor connection
  • Maintenance switch
  • Communication interface with I/Os
  • Separate wiring space for bus and power terminals
  • Pluggable motor connection
  • Integrated MOVIMOT® inverter
  • Communication interface with I/Os
  • Separate wiring space for bus and power terminals
  • Pluggable motor connection
  • Maintenance switch
  • Integrated MOVIMOT® inverter
  • One communication module for three drives
  • MFE52B fieldbus module for PROFINET connection
  • 6 DI allow for 2 initiators per axis
  • Separate wiring space for bus and power terminals
  • Three MOVIMOT® inverters 0.37 kW – 1.5 kW
  • Pluggable motor connection
  • Optional maintenance switch
Comprehensive networking with commercially available bus systems
Field distributorCommunication
MFE62A Ethernet/IP
MFE72A EtherCAT logo
MFD.. DeviceNet logo
For MF../MQ.. fieldbus interfaces
  • The MFG11A keypad is plugged onto any MFZ.. connection module instead of a fieldbus interface, and so allows manual control of a MOVIMOT® drive.
  • DBG60B keypad for manually controlling MOVIMOT® drives; additionally, the process data words can be displayed in monitor mode; direct connection to the diagnostic interface of MOVIMOT® or the MF../MQ.. fieldbus interface